About Quest Land

We are glad to welcome you on the official site of Quest Land, the company creating unique Escape Rooms in Kiev which have no analogues in Ukraine.

The idea of ​​launching our company dates back to 2014. We, a team of young and ambitious people, actively went to a newly opened Escape Rooms in Kiev when they just started to arise. However, soon they started to look the same. We noticed that Escape Rooms do not receive significant further development, although they arouse special interest among the sophisticated audience. You can notice typical sets of tasks and roughly the same surrounding practically everywhere. Having analyzed this, we decided to open Escape Rooms that will impress people of Kiev and residents of other cities of Ukraine.

Thus, by expanding our team with professional engineers, programmers and decorating artists, we started creating our masterpiece. Now, having borrowed and implemented unique technologies that are used only in the United States, we offer our guests non-standard and memorable Escape Rooms.

What is it about Quest Land, which you cannot find in other Escape Rooms?

We would like to highlight those advantages that really make our Escape Rooms unique.

  1. High technology. All Escape Rooms are created using a large number of mechanisms and electronics, so that players have no doubts about the reality of what is happening. All scenarios are based on popular computer games. Only extraordinary and interesting puzzles are used, there is no chess and “old locks” in our Escape Rooms.
  2. Unique scripts in two versions: in English and Russian. For those who study the foreign language there is a unique opportunity to expand the boundaries of knowledge in it. Versions in English are prepared by native speakers.
  3. Complete immersion in what is happening. For this purpose we created special sound effects. Music and sounds are an integral part of everything that happens.

But we do not stop there and prepare new unique Escape Rooms, the opening of which is planned for the near future. Our creative team of scriptwriters and decorators of Quest Land tirelessly comes up with original puzzles and stories to allow players to immerse into an illusory world and spend 80 minutes of their life bright and with interest so they would like to talk about this again and again. This is our mission. For this end, we are waiting for you every day in the walls of our Escape Rooms in Kiev.

Visit Quest Land personally in the company of your friends or give an opportunity to someone of your acquaintances to study English in a fun, creative way. We invite everyone to cooperate, including the language studios in Kiev. Book tickets now on our website and dare to one of the main adventures in your life!