What is Escape room in English?

Quest Land company has taken the next step in evolution of escape rooms, not only in Kiev, but throughout Ukraine. Now it is available in English!

Escape room in English is a modern approach for learning foreign language in the form of a game. It includes all elements of training:

  • perception of audio and video material;
  • team participation in solving interesting and complex puzzles in English;
  • practice of modern spoken English;
  • increasing vocabulary and learning set phrases;
  • study of modern grammatical constructions.

Escape rooms will be interesting to people with different language skills: students of foreign language courses, tourists and native speakers. Escape rooms in English are designed for people with a level from Intermediate to Advance and above.

Escape room scripts from Quest Land are developed by native speakers that guarantees the most effective and correct perception of new information in a foreign language. All materials are also voiced by native speakers.

After visiting our escape room, you will not only enjoy the time spent in the circle of friends and feel the spirit of adventure, you will also improve your level of English. Optionally, after the game you can take a comprehension test and get a score.

In other words, an escape room in English can be compared to watching a movie except that the main characters are you, and your actions and decisions affect its outcome.

Friends, you are welcome to come.

Live long and prosper!